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About us

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mister Berwyn; a place where characters, charm and craftsmanship meet to create quirky yet stylish home accessories.


Welsh Illustrator, Amy Brown founded Mister Berwyn in 2016. Her love of playful interiors and British craftsmanship sit at the heart of Mister Berwyn alongside her distinct designs. 


Amy's whimsical designs come to life on Mister Berwyn's growing range of products. From mole plates to bear cushions each piece is made to last from beautiful fabrics and sustainably sourced materials. Mister Berwyn works closely with craftspeople in the UK and Sweden to produce truly special products for you and your home. 


Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. 


Amy grew up in Cardiff, living an equal distance from the sea to the mountains of the Brecon Beacons where her family spent a lot of time and her love for nature began. A young Amy hoped to become a vet until it became clear her talents lay with a pencil and brush rather than a stethoscope.


The subjects of her early drawings were often animals, driven by her fondness for The Wind in the Willows. Amy later wrote her dissertation on the book and its characters whilst studying Illustration at Cardiff School of Art. It was there that Amy honed her skills for creating cohorts of cheerful animal characters with colourful narratives. Amy began her Illustration career working as a Character Designer for several Children's Animation Shows whilst spending her evenings creating the initial designs and branding for Mister Berwyn. 


Craftsmanship and sustainability


Mister Berwyn works with a talented team of skilled craftspeople that help bring Amy's designs to life. Working with British manufacturers is an important part of Mister Berwyn and each piece, whenever possible, is made in the UK. Sustainability is equally important, using Cornish clay and sustainably sourced eucalyptus boards being just some of the careful decisions made.


Amy believes that sustainability isn't just in the materials but it's also in the process. Many Mister Berwyn products are handcrafted and Amy hopes to utilise traditional techniques so that they are used, taught and shared.


Mister Berwyn's Studio


Mister Berwyn is based in Cardiff. Amy is kept company in the studio by her two canine assistants, Burt and Peggy. They work tirelessly to make sure the studio is safe from squirrels while Amy works. 


About us page pictures. Amy, Burt and Peggy

Why Mister Berwyn? 


Before establishing the brand Amy was working on a little story book. Mister Berwyn was a character in the book. The name stuck with Amy as she began to draw the first Mister Berwyn products in Mister Berwyn's fabricated home.


Berwyn means friendly bear in old english whilst also being a beautiful place in Wales. It seemed like an obvious fit for a bear loving Welsh Illustrator. 


Mister Berwyn can be found on the back of our tags and on our tote bags that are included in all orders over £50. 

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We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them!