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Made in the UK & Sweden

As an Independent brand we pride ourselves on supporting fellow independent craftspeople and small manufacturers within the UK and Sweden.


We’re lucky to work with a talented network of creators who help bring our many hand made products to life. All of our suppliers are carefully selected and share our passion for sustainable manufacturing and fairness throughout the supply chain. Your support for our business means we are able to support our network of small manufacturers and craftspeople.


Below you can see more information on how and where each of our products are made.




Our bone china ceramics are made in stoke-on-trent, UK. The area is renowned for producing the finest English Bone China. Made using traditional techniques that have been handed down through many generations.


Our designs are silk screen printed and hand applied to each piece. Many pieces have hand painted elements that are hand painted by our steady handed lithographers.


To take a look inside the factory where our ceramics are made click here.


Bear Jar- Made in Stoke-on-Trent

Cotton Textiles


Our cushions and kitchen textiles are made in the silk town of Macclesfield, England. Our suppliers are experts in their field with links to many prestigious universities, making it their mission to nurture the next generation of designers and manufacturers.


All our fabrics are natural and are safe for contact with the skin- free from harmful dyes and substances!


Our kitchen textiles are easy to care for and can be machine washed. Care instructions for our cushions vary so be sure to always check the care labels and/or page descriptions for more information.


Nocturnal Animals Cushion- Made in the UK


Placemats and coasters


Our placemats and coasters are handmade from start to finish (minus our designs) by a family run business based on the border between Lincolnshire and Rutland. Our placemats and coasters are made from a sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board base. They have a full melamine surface that makes them extremely durable- perfect for messy eaters!


 Penguin Placemat- Made in the UK



A family run business on the small island of Oland, situated to the East of Sweden, expertly makes our trays. Made one at a time, by hand, using FSC certified natural materials. No water or solvents are used during the production of the trays.


An impressive amount of craftsmanship is needed. Each tray has between five and eight layers of Birch Veneer along with a sheet of glue between each layer. Each layer is gathered and placed together accordingly along with the artwork layer and a protective film for the top and bottom of the tray. All these layers are then placed into a press which transforms them into beautiful trays- with the help of heat and pressure. Finally a cutter is used to ensure the edges of the trays are even and smooth.


All our trays are food safe and suitable for use in the dishwasher.


Fox Tray- Made in Sweden




Our wooden brooches are made just 20 miles away from our studio in Cardiff, Wales, by a small family business.


Each brooch is made using advanced laser cut technology to produce excellent quality pieces efficiently while remaining environmentally friendly. Their production and material choice of FSC certified wood reflect their commitment to the environment and its one of the many reasons why we love working with them.


Mister Bear Wooden Brooch- Made in Wales